Saturday, October 26, 2019

Everest #222 wrench

This is another random wrench found in a bargain bin, a name I had not seen before. A Google search finds that, intriguingly, the company supplied wrenches as part of Ferrari tool kits, but possibly not the #222? 
Other references point to a Indian company, incorporated in 1962 under the name of Hindustan Dowidat Tools Ltd. in collaboration with Dowidat Werke Wille Dowidat of Federal Republic of Germany. 
 An Everest Tool website shows they manufacture and export high quality hand tools. However the logo on the wrench does not match the company logo.
In 1974, the Company changed its name to Hindustan Everest Tools Ltd., until then, the Company was marketing its products in 'Dowidat' brand.  Ever since, the Company's products are being marketed both in India and abroad in 'EVEREST' brand.

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VectorWarbirds said...

Try and find the 666 model, I would like to see that:)