Monday, February 10, 2020

Canadian content, Metal Queen Lee Aaron

Every Canadian male in his prime in the early/mid eighties knew and lusted after hard rock goddess Lee Aaron. We went to her concerts and couldn't wait to buy the Mach '83 issue of Oui Magazine where she (gasp) posed nude (well, topless). The Lee Aaron project was her first album and as it predated Much Music- the Canadian version of MTV- we probably never saw the videos.
 Like most early 80s rock videos it's cheesy as can be but the important thing here is that in this video and in the magazine (you can do the search yourself...) she was posing on the new motorcycle I had just proudly bought and still ride- a Suzuki Katana- and I never noticed or knew!  It took another few decades and a rediscovery of Lee Aaron in a new genre as a jazz singer, looking hotter than ever, before I happened upon the connection. 
Ah, the workings of the young male mind.

 More on Lee Aaron here.

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