Saturday, February 22, 2020

Herbert lathes

During the first half of the 20th Century the Alfred Herbert company was one of the largest manufacturers of machine tools in the world. Located in Coventry, they supplied the manufacturing heartland of the UK. Herbert machines don't appear often in my part of the country but when they do, they're too large for a home workshop. (below)
The photo above came from an ad from a motorcycle shop in Wales. (no delivery available- too heavy).
A quick Google search produced a Herbert section in the fabulous site with many pictures of the manufacturing floor, well worth a visit. Not sure I would want to work there. 
Also much more info at Grace's Guide


VectorWarbirds said...

250 quid for that Herbert, kinda sad, that's probably not even scrap value. Hope somebody buys it but being a turret lathe probably not. Their motorcycle prices seem very reasonable as well.

Mister G said...

And 500 for the transport, probably. Yes, sad.