Monday, February 10, 2020

One of my vices is vises, Bessey Vises

I happened upon this light-duty swivel vise at a used tool store and snapped a picture because the name was unfamiliar to me. A quick google search and I find the company started in Germany in 1889 and is alive and well, once again privately owned.  Products include a line of clamping devices, vises, cutting tools and some specialty tools.
I recently did a post on a 19th century proposal for a turret vise with multipurpose jaws, here is that idea again, done much better.


JP said...

My own fantasy vise is this one with hydraulic compensation jaws.
But the price...!/Etau-Magique-Ouverture-100mm/p/110541727

VectorWarbirds said...

Yea the Dehaye is a pricey unit. I have several standard vises and one of those turret vises. The turret is my go to vise, so much more versatile overall. Great idea.