Friday, February 21, 2020

Know your Schrader valve

Section view of a common Schrader valve. Name the parts. 
And yes, this will be on the test.


VectorWarbirds said...

I haven't seen one of those old type cores in so long I can't remember. I wonder, and I looked, when they changed over to the newer short core? Talk about a successful invention!

Mister G said...

I see both styles (but I have no idea how old the tubes or stems are...) I just assumed there were several different designs in use concurrently.

VectorWarbirds said...

I remember seeing the old long spring valves on 50-60's motorcycles and then slowly they got replaced with the short type. According to the web Schrader updated the design to the short type but doesn't say when. Probably 70's if I remember correctly. Man we need to memorize this info huh? Gonna need it one day:)