Wednesday, July 27, 2016

3M Scotch Tape dispenser

This beautiful art deco tape dispenser, made of cast iron and dispensing tape from  3" rolls, weighs about 3.5 lbs, providing a more than stable device for the job, also reduces the chance of people borrowing it.


Anonymous said...

Imagine, though, the lawsuit if one of those were dropped on a foot. Ouch!

Ok. I know. That was a silly comment. But when you're bored and medicated, you have to find something to pass the time. Forgive me.

- - -

Actually, for the math majors out there, here's something to calculate:

With how much energy would a 3.5 lb tape dispenser, falling from a standard desk height of 29 inches, strike a person's foot?

Mister G said...

It would take a lot of work to pull that thing off a desk (in normal use)!

Anonymous said...

Stranger things have happened. That's why we have the word 'topple'.