Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Eternum 500 wrench

Here's another of the Paris flea market wrenches. Another name I can't find any info on but the only interesting thing about it is the 120 degree angle in the jaw. In theory I suppose it might allow a third corner of the bolt to bear on the wrench but I can't really see it offering any significant advantage over the usual two contact point jaw.


Unknown said...

I had 6 metric and A/F imperial sets of these wrenches open/ box, double open and double box wrenches the box ends where compact for tight spaces and the open ends with the 120 degree allowed it to grip on 3 flats of the fastener and being broad where able to take a lot of torque with out opening. I wish I could find some of these now, I had to leave mine in South Africa

Mister G said...

I've only ever seen the one here in Ontario.