Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Scott Sociable

Alfred Angas Scott of the Scott motorcycle company was responsible for this oddball. He started the motorcycle company in 1907 but left in 1915 to form the Scott Autocar company. In this capacity he designed a machine gun carrier based on the motorcycle/sidecar layout. The armed forces did not adopt his design and so after the war Scott adapted it into this asymmetrical 2 seater as cheap practical transportation.  Handling must have been suspect as the right side wheels were in line and the 2 cylinder 2 stroke engine was was located on the right side.  
This strange-looking vehicle was not a sales success, apparently only 100-200 were made during 3 years of production. The company folded in 1925.

thanks, Jon!
Engine was a liquid cooled two stroke twin

Images from The Classic Motor Cycle, Jan 1989

Aug 89 issue, The Classic MotorCycle
An aggressively-ridden Sociable at the Salcombe Hill section of the 1924 London to Exeter run,


Anonymous said...

The engine above looks like a Scott supercharged v-4.

Mister G said...

Hmm, You might be right! I'll see what i can find.

Mister G said...

You are absolutely correct,thanks for the correction. I've not been able to find a closeup of the engine, but I did do a post on the 4 cylinder!

Nick Hooper said...

Do you know how many still exist, as runners or not?

Mister G said...

According to the Scott Owners club, 5 known at present.

Unknown said...

Not much chance of getting hold of one then.

Mister G said...

If you find one, please send pictures!