Friday, February 22, 2019

Harley Peashooter

This 1926 350cc road model was Harley Davidson's response to the 1925 AMA proposal for a lightweight racing class, which soon acquired the somewhat derisory nickname "Peashooters" compared to the large V twins. 
Indian and Excelsior already had suitable models, Harley grudgingly built two versions, flathead and OHV, the OHV model engine was developed into the peashooter racer. The introduction of this bike coincided with the beginnings of dirt track racing in New Zealand and Australia and when those racers showed up in Europe the sport took off there too, morphing into speedway racing. 
Conversion to a dirt racer meant the modified engine was fitted to a short wheelbase frame and generally, the 3 speed transmission was replaced with a jackshaft mounted countershaft sprocket. Low handlebars allowed riders to tuck in for better streamlining. 
Despite its worldwide racing success, the model was discontinued in 1930.
March  1985 The Classic Motorcycle 

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