Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Harry Atwood's Hydroaeroplane

 After his record-breaking flight from St Louis to New York,  Harry Atwood toured the east coast of new England in his Curtis Hydroaeroplane in May of 1912. 

"Pioneer aviator Harry N. Atwood flew his biplane over Hampton New Hampshire in May 1912 en route from Saugus, Massachusetts, to Portland, Maine. According to the newspaper, he came in low over the eastern part of town, then flew over the village "close enough to inspect the Dearborn monument. This was the first view of an aeroplane for many people in town." A few months later, people got a closer look at the plane when Atwood landed on the Hampton River in July. While flying along the coast, he had become lost in a fogbank off Rye Beach, circled around, and finally recognized Hampton River, where he landed". 

More on Harry Atwood here.

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