Friday, May 19, 2023

Irus grass cutter


 Irus is not a name familiar to most of us in North America, I don't believe they exported here, and are apparently rare even in England. The company was formed in 1865 to make grinding mills for grain etc. In 1928 they patented a form of bar mower and entered the lawn and field mowing business with small two wheel tractor-type machines using Hirth engines. The company is still around today making sophisticated excavation and mowing machines. Company site here. History here.

The machine shown here is a sectioned prototype made for a 1946 agriculture show in Germany.  It's surprisingly modern looking. This unit is also for sale- located in Holland . If anyone is interested leave me a note in comments.

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pzak said...

very similar to the Jari sickle bar mower sold here