Monday, July 3, 2017

HMCS Ojibwa

In the small Lake Erie town of Port Rowan is an incongruous sight- visible from the main street- an actual full size submarine out of the water and on display.
 The HMCS Ojibwa is an Oberon class diesel-electric submarine, constructed in 1965 at Chatham Dockyard in England and in service with the Canadian navy for the next 33 years- a long life for a submarine. It was one of three Oberons in Canadian service during the Cold War years.  
When they were retired and being sold for scrap, two became museums, the Okanagan in Rimouski and the Ojibwa ending up about 2500 km from the ocean in this Ontario town as part of the Elgin Military Museum
  We of course took the tour, in our case led by Karina who did a great job showing the interior and explaining life on the sub. 

Unfortunately the only place photography is allowed is the forward torpedo room, so these are the only pictures we have of the interior.

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