Monday, July 17, 2017

One of my vices is vises, Crawford Vise

I found this vise on Kijiji, another company I had never heard of. 
The ad mentions the fact that this vise was manufactured in Woodstock On. I did a search and found this on Garage Journal.
"Crawford Machine was in business for a lot of years, and at one time cast parts for the Gould-Shapely-Muir engine company from Brantford Ont. They also made cast dumbells and big cast counter weights for forklifts. They presumably built or cast other items, but I have never found any info on them. Gordon Crawford was the owner." Not much else on Google...


Anonymous said...

I live right beside where the factory was. The property has a tool rental business on it now. Right across the street from One of a Kind antiques. The family home that was beside the factory is still there.
I know the owners son, he's still in Woodstock with his wife.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the comment and info! From what you say, the original building is no longer there?

Anonymous said...

The original building was demolished sometime in the mid 1980's, then there was a car dealer there for a while and the tool rental went up in the early 1990's, if my memory serves me correctly. Still to this day there is a fairly large field behind the rental place that I think belonged to Crawfords. I also remember that they had a rail line running through the back of the property. I never saw it used, but as a kid I remember some old cars sitting there we used to play on, there was even a small push cart on the rails we used to push and ride. (fun times!)
Also from memory, there was a big auction sell off at the end, but I was too young to really care about auctions at the time. I don't know what was at the auction but I heard they sold everything to the walls. So maybe not so much inventory and more machinery.