Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I'd say if you can't pick up girls as a Spitfire driver, putting some slimy stuff in your hair ain't going to do it either!


tonyand03 said...

God, I remember that stuff. At school in the 50s we all wanted the slicked down teddy boy look*. We'd scoop out about a quarter of the jar in one go and slap it on. By the time you'd finished combing there'd be big, gooey wedge of grey sludge piled up on the comb and during the day what was in your hair gradually deposited itself on your shirt collar.
Couldn't use it today of course; I've nothing left to comb.
*except one lad who arrived back with a crew cut after the holidays; he got the cane for that.

Mister G said...

Nice story! Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

Dad used this stuff til the day he died . Really disgusting stuff and the smell the same