Saturday, August 19, 2017

Racing the 20th Century Limited, 1925

NEW YORK, May 26 [1925] (A. P.) Gar Wood, driving his motor speed boat Baby Gar IV, today beat the time of the crack 20th Century Limited between Albany and New York City.
Gar Wood, who was in the boat with his brother George, said the craft's times for the journey was 2 hours 58 minutes and 20 seconds. The official time of arrival was given out as 8:50:20.
Wood's time between the railroad bridge at Albany and the Columbia Yacht Club at 86th St., Manhattan, was given out by the official observer in the coat as 2 hours, 58 minutes and 20 seconds. The 20th Century's official time between Albany Station and the Grand Central Terminal is 3 hours and 10 minutes.
Richard F. Hoyt, who stole a march to Wood by sending his speed boat, the Teaser, over the course, racing against time from Manhattan to Albany last Wednesday, covered the same distance in 2h 40m.
The day after the Teaser's performance, Wood offered to bet Hoyt $25,000 "or any other sporty amount" that either of his boats could defeat the Teaser over the same course.
Hoyt did not accept the challenge.
According to Google maps, driving this route today (using I-87) would take 2 hrs 31 minutes.

Image credits; Cary Hoge Mead, Wings over the World The life of George Jackson Mead, The Swannet Press, 1971

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