Monday, July 22, 2013

BP Super V Visco-Static Oil

Getting Around Glasgow.  Official Guide.  C. 1966.
BP launched this new 10W/40 multigrade oil in 1966, hoping to stop its slide in market share against Castrol.  It didn't help.  BP had held 13 percent of the motor oil market in 1962 but by 1969 it had fallen to 7-1/2 percent.  (A 1965 survey found that the recall of BP advertising by Britishers was less than one quarter of the recall for Shell and Esso ads.  If the ad above is a typical example, no wonder!) Their biggest competitor turned out to be Alexander Duckham & Co., which had grown from 1 percent in 1960 to 26 percent in 1969.  If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em:  BP acquired Duckhams in 1970 and, in 2000, Burmah-Castrol.

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Anonymous said...

Possibly did not sell well as it was crap oil. It could not be used in the GM Holden engines with hydraulic valve lifters EG: 149 179 186

Ken. Retired mechanic