Saturday, July 13, 2013

This won't hurt a bit...

Actually, a Becton, Dickenson & Company "Champion" veterinary syringe I picked up at a yard sale because it was so beautifully mechanical.  You spin the knurled nut on the plunger to set the volume of liquid to deliver.

Maxwell W. Becton & Fairleigh S. Dickinson first met on a sales trip in 1897, and soon after joined together to form a company.  In 1898, they acquired a half-interest in the patent rights of an all-glass syringe developed by H. Wulfing Luer of Paris, France.  In 1904, they moved into manufacturing when they acquired the Philadelphia Surgical Company.  In 1906, they were the first American company to produce thermometers, hypodermic needles and syringes.  In 1924, they made the first syringe designed for insulin injection.  The next year, Dickinson patented the Luer-Lock connector for attaching a needle to a syringe, which is now the standard in the U.S.  They opened a Canadian business in 1951.

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