Thursday, September 19, 2013

Battle of the Yellow Sea

Eithne Farry, Karen Hurrell and Jon Sutherland.  Snapshots in Time.  100 Years of Change.
North Vancouver:  Whitecap Books, 1998.

An important sea battle in the Russo-Japanese war in April 1904.  This was the first major battle in history between fleets of steel battleships, with fire being exchanged beginning at 8 miles, the longest distance at which ships had ever begun engagement to that point in time.  The Japanese kicked Russian ass.


Anonymous said...

Considering the immense distance covered by the Russian fleet and the hardships endured by their men and ships before the final engagement, your comment that 'The Japanese kicked Russian ass' is tactless.

Anonymous said...

Well, as it turns out, I mistook the naval engagement you refer to for a later and more famous one that took place in 1905. Please accept my apology.