Thursday, September 12, 2013

We used to make things in this country # 123; Lawn Sprinkler by Hahn Brass

Photos; Thanks, Fred!

A robust old sprinkler made by the Hahn Brass Company of New Hamburg, Ontario, still in regular use. It's lasted two generations, heading into the third and working as new.

The company was established in 1892 and made a business of producing brass trimmings for furniture. Shortly after the turn of the century they purchased the Berlin Aluminum Co's. plant and moved it to New Hamburg. By 1908 there were 56 employees making brass and aluminum products.

From there, not too much info available but it is reported that in 1945, a forty per cent interest in the company was acquired by Preston entrepreneur Percy R. Hilborn, who had acquired the Canadian Brass Company as part of his furniture empire (which included the Preston Furniture Company, the Canadian Office and School Furniture Co. and the Canada Sand Papers Company).  The company seems to have disappeared in the sixties as the Riverside Brass and Aluminum Foundry writes on their webpage they moved in the former Hahn buildings in 1969.  In 1985, Lewis Hahn announced that the former Brass Company building had been sold to Acton Home Builders' Supplies of Hamilton, Ontario.

Further reading; Promotional Article from the Berlin Daily News, 1908

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