Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Challenger Axe Head

By Burgess Tool of Ottawa. Age and manufacture unknown but according to a scan from the Duke, a design based on a 17th C German pattern. Unfortunately no info available on Burgess Tool Company.
Eric Sloane. A Museum of Early American Tools. Ballantine Books, 1964, 1974.



tawhatnext said...

I discovered this company today - of course it's already on "Progress is Fine...". I should read more old posts.
A writeup with some history about the "young" firm from the Ottawa Journal, 25 Mar 1950.

Unknown said...

Hi I believe this axe was made for the South American indigenous tribes as a trade item when western industry was opening up the rain forests in S.A. during the 1950's. However it is a beautiful axe with a round hole for hafting. I had two of these and wish that I had not sold them! If anybody has one to sell please get back to me! ( ) Thank you,