Monday, June 1, 2015

We used to make things here. #196 Husqvarna 35 Chainsaw

 This arborists saw was built by a company that started out as Frontier chainsaw, made by TML (Trail Manufacturing Limited) in Trail BC. At some point the operation was moved to Huron Park, Ontario. The Huron Park operation made small engines and chainsaws which included the Husky 35, the Jonsered 361, the Partner 330 plus other branded saws such as the little Danarm, Einhill, Pioneer P12, Skil 1616 and so on (all Frontier/TML types).  
During the 80s the company was bought by Electrolux Sweden who had also bought Poulan/Weed Eater. Poulan production was also moved to Huron Park.
 The Husqvarna 35 was built until 1993 when the plant was closed.

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Unknown said...

I was over at a senior citizens the other day and he said he could not get the string out of the spool in his electric WEEDEATER. I was able to help him get the spool opened to feed some line out and the trimmer was back in business. Funny thing was I was examining the decals and on the handle it said made in Canada! It read Poulan/Weedeater, Huron Park, Ontario. It also had a number 12 with a space 96? I don't know if this referred to a production date of December, 1996?, I have not been able to find out when this factory operated till?