Sunday, October 22, 2017

Gevaert film

The ad above was pasted inside of my 1951 Gevaert "Gevabox" box camera, which was made for Gevaert by Hermann Wolff GmbH of Wuppertal, Germany.

Below, a company ad from 1955:

Norman Hall & Basil Burton (Eds.)  Photography Year Book 1956. 
London:  Photography Magazine, 1955.

Lieven Gevaert was a Belgian photographer who began making his own photographic papers in Antwerp.  In 1894, he founded L. Gevaert & Cie, eventually expanding the company's product line.  By 1904, he had moved his firm to Mortsel and was making his own branded film rolls.  In 1920, the firm was renamed Gevaert Photo Producten.  In 1964, it merged with Agfa AG and Bayer AG, becoming Agfa-Gevaert.  The company is still going strong, although it no longer makes film.

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