Saturday, October 21, 2017

EUMIG Electric ciné camera, c. 1955

According to its Wikipedia entry, EUMIG was an acronym for Elektrizitäts und Metallwaren Industrie Gesellschaft, or the "Electricity and Metalware Industry Company."  Founded in 1919, it produced both radios and camera equipment.  During WWII, it made several models of the Volksempfänger or "People's Radio", required listening in Nazi Germany.  After the war, it prospered and by 1975 had become the largest film projector manufacturer in the world, employing 5,000 people to produce half a million projectors a year.  It all came to an end in 1982, when the company declared bankruptcy.  The EUMIG patent for macro system lenses was sold to the Japanese company Canon. 

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