Friday, October 6, 2017

We used to make things in this country. #272: A.R. Lite Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Montreal, Quebec

I photographed this kitchen scale in the ReStore in Brockville, Ontario.  The company sold it under the "Kitchen Queen" brand.  Below, a similar scale being offered for sale on Kijiji, this time under the "Perfecto" brand.

The only online information I can find is that the company was located at 1300 Valleyfield Avenue, St. Vincent de Paul, Laval, Quebec.  It had registered the "Sani Queen" trademark in Canada in 1959, and "Mini-Mates" in 1971.  Interestingly, the Sani-Queen trademark got sold to World Kitchen Canada (EHI) Inc. out of Niagara Falls, and Mini-Mates went to EKCO Canada Inc. in Scarborough.  So, it looks like the company's interests were broken up and sold off.

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