Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Polaroid Land Camera

From the manual for a Polaroid 230 Land Camera.  The Land camera was made from 1947 to 1983. To develop the film, you had to separate the dry print from the wet negative.  The manual urges, "Avoid contact with the chemicals left on the negative after the print is removed.  Fold up the negative with the moist side in.  Please put it in a wastebasket or film box.  Don't be a litterbug!"  I can still remember visiting my parents' cottage to discover that someone with a Land camera had been taken with the view from the dock, and had snapped some photographs, leaving behind the messy emulsion sheets on the shoreline.  That's heavy irony:  the person was sensitive enough to appreciate a beautiful view, but not sensitive enough to keep from despoiling it.

Below, using the Cold-Clip--finally, a technical use for the armpit!

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