Saturday, January 20, 2018

Power Hack Saws

Supplies Canada Co., (Ajax, Ontario)  Catalogue No. 23.

From a day before horizontal band saws.  The power hacksaws are great for square cuts on heavy stock, since their shorter, heavier blades don't flex.  They take longer to cut through metal than bandsaws, but if time isn't an issue they're great shop tools and fascinating to watch in operation.

We've featured a few on this blog before.  Below, photos of some others, including a Racine and a Keller:

I picked up an old Keller years ago and, after having to fabricate some missing parts to get it working properly, have found it indispensable on numerous occasions when faced with the need to cut heavy stock.  Mister G was also able to find a few scarce Starrett blades for me!

It's hard to find info on how to use these obsolete machine tools. So, below, from some of my older texts:

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