Saturday, December 23, 2023

Citroen DS on display

The Citroen DS 19, was a hit when introduced in 1955, it was considered to be unbelievably futuristic.
 As amazing as it was, the body presented in an automobile form wasn't enough, for the 1957 Triennale of Milan, the wheels were removed and an underbody pan completed the visual shape. That theme continued for a few years. 
Below; On display at the Triennale of Milan in 1957. 

As a rocket at the 1962 Paris Motor Show.

And again, on a rotating stand at Amsterdam in 1963.


Anonymous said...

This car was only driven by strange birds based on years of experience as a mechanic.

rats said...

Citroen should have called it Le Suppositoire Volant.

So nuns were allowed to attend car shows! What an enlightened country.


during the rocket of rotational display the speed dial knob got accidently turned all the way to EXTRA FAST. it spun like a top off the turn table gracefully spinning down the isle straight towards the big Renault display. as the spinning Citroen slowed momentum it took on an unfortunate wobble that killed a mime that tried stopping it by pretending there was an invisible wall there.