Saturday, December 2, 2023

1903 Darraq

After the 1903 Dourdan Speed Trials a Darraq is towed away. using real horsepower. The cutaways in the nose of the streamlined body were intended to aid in cornering.
G.N. Georgano, A Motor Racing Camera 1894-1916, David and Charles, 1976


JP said...

Sorry Mr G, but it's been eating at me how exactly the cutaways help this
straight-line racer in cornering... :-/

stroker crazy said...

... they defeat the attempt at streamlining also.

Mister G said...

Well, I certainly didn't make that claim! But it was early days of streamlining, anything was worth a try... maybe we should start a new series, "failed streamlining attempts". Another slightly later innovation was a V-shaped rad, I think that would also have been less aerodynamic than the designer hoped.

rats said...

But maybe not, Mr G. Also, seems as if a swept-back radiator could be bigger (more surface area, more coolant tubes) than a flat, forward-facing one. Maybe it would have to be bigger to cool as well as the Great Wall type, though. I'm going to shut up now. Sorry.