Monday, July 15, 2013

Ocelot Twin-engine Scrambler

 From Motorcycle; Aug. 1963.

This scrambler was the development of racers Frank Thiem and Alden Ames, it featured power from twin fancooled West Bend go-kart engines and no transmission. The front suspension is leading link and the rear suspension consisted of a single shock, singlesided swingarm. Bendix brakes were fitted front and rear.
Pretty advanced for 1963 but perhaps just a little bit too weird.


Anonymous said...

They were very fast on a smooth track but a hilly track would kill the clutch!! I still have the brochure they sent me in 1963

Anonymous said...

I knew the designer-builders. Where did you find this picture. Thanks, Dan

rbhawaii said...

I too know Alden (Babe) Ames, one of the designers/builders of this machine.
In fact, the reason I found this blog was that Babe just sent me an article/review of their Ocelot!
The builders of this bike appear on the cover of the March 1962 edition of Cycle Sport Magazine. (Which sold for "Only 35 cents")

Mister G said...

Thanks Guys! That picture would have come from a Cycle or Cycle World Magazine, I've not been able to locate that mag. Thanks for the Cycle Sport lead, another magazine to find!

Anonymous said...

I had a call with Babe the other day.
He sent me some xerox photos!
Also, a few years back while cleaning his shop and storage space, he came upon an Ocelot!
He said that he struggled with whether to keep it or move it on. He chose the latter.
So, the last known Ocelot will be reincarnated (recycled, appropriate term!) as some other useful item! LOL!