Friday, August 23, 2013

Before hydraulics there were steel cables

The very successful Link Belt Speeder LS98 shovel with over 7000 built in its 42 year production run.
 If you ever wanted to learn to drive one of these, demos on Youtube...


Unknown said...

this is a LS-51, I bought this exact machine last year.

Mister G said...

nd how does it work? Can I drive it?

Unknown said...

there are 4 primary control levers and 2 foot brakes.

1. main clutch
2. main hoist/hoist brake
3. crowd/retract-plus crowd brake
4. swing

hoist and crowd functions are only power up, meaning once you let off the lever gravity will take over. thats what the foot brakes are for. once you get the bucket in the air you need to hold the brakes while swinging and dumping the bucket. (with this type of machine the back of the bucket opens). there are plenty of good videos on youtube that can explain better than i can.