Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage Canadian Flat Track, Western Fair 1976. XR750

According to the man on the right;
 "This is Don Zaharia of Winnipeg with his XR750 circa 1976, there were four in that crew that came together that year to race Southern Ontario, a few from Alberta, Stevie Baker from Bellingham Washington, great guy, did the Dirt Track and Road Racing and many others."
 "Ontario was the place for racing, and of course, Michigan, Ohio, New York. Short Track, Half Mile, Mile, Indoor- the list goes on and on even Hill Climb, natural terrain Motocross! Ice Racing indoor and out, We had it all! All the small town motorcycle shops sponsored their local favorite riders, and everybody, everybody, looked after each other, put you up, fed you, helped you on your way, many great friendships were made. Those days, you could pool just enough shekels together for gas to get there, a 24 of beer for after, and if you placed third or better in the Main Event you had money to get home! I know of two that had to beg for change to cross the bridge back to Canada !"
 "They were Good times!"

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