Monday, November 25, 2013

Locomotive Rockport

Looking more like a well-proportioned toy than a serious locomotive, this 4-2-0 was built by Baldwin in 1868 for the Rocky River Railroad, a commuter railway in Cleveland. She is equipped with an enclosed cab and pilot on each end for operating in either direction. The boiler is unusually deep with the water tank located under the cab and over the uncounterweighted driving wheel.
 Chartered in June of 1867, the Rocky River Railroad ran from Bridge St. and Waverly Ave. westward to the east bank of the Rocky River, a distance of 5 1/2 mi. The Nickel Plate acquired control in Sept. 1881.  No word on the ultimate disposition of the locomotive.

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Graham Clayton said...

Doesn't look like the most efficient engine with the single driver to the wheel, but when the total length of the line is just over 5 miles, you can get away with it.