Thursday, November 21, 2013

Watercooled mystery machine

photo by Alvin


Anonymous said...

DKW Sport 500 from the 30's. At least the engine, radiator and front end is. The frame is from something else, I think. The engine itself may also be a DKW auto engine from the same period. That would be a 700cc two stroke, watercooled , probably from a DKW F3 or F5. It was front wheel drive and it almost looks as if the drive sprocket in your photo is taken from the place where the axle would exit. I have one and the engine is identical. It was very similar to the bike engine. It was produced from then through the 60's by IFA( which was the old DKW under the communists ) behind the iron curtain, A variation was still used for the Trabant, however that was by then changed to air cooling.

Anonymous said...

Actually the more I think of it I believe it may be a 700cc top end from the DKW car, probably F5 not F3 ,on the motorcycle bottom end as the bottom end is reversed( mirror image) on the car to produce front wheel drive. I.E. if you turned the car engine around as on the bike the Dynastart would be on the other side. My bad!

Mister G said...

Thank you! very unusual project.