Friday, August 15, 2014

Seshin Tools, South Korea

This is the first Korean hand tool I've ever found in my neck of the woods.  These slip-joint pliers are of middling quality, and the plating is particularly poor (lots of rust had broken through).

Founded in 1960, the Seshin Industry Company is headquartered in Kyungsannam-do, South Korea.  In 1990, they introduced the name "Buffalo" as a tool brand, and ten years later changed their name to the Seshin Buffalo Company.  They claim to be the number one brand of hand tools in Korea, although they make their tools now in China.

In what seems a bizarre twist, in 2001 the company either bought two Korean film production companies (KangJegyu Films and Myung Films) or, depending on the source of the information, was itself purchased by the film companies.  The new company became MK Buffalo and had the distinction of being the first film company to be listed on the Korean stock exchange.  Think Stanley buys Disney.
Update June 2021, another Seshin tool, this time a wrench found in Ontario. 

thanks, Inno!

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Unknown said...

I have a small Seshin double-open-end wrench (10mm & 12mm) with similar logos but no country of origin.

Very nicely made and in excellent condition.