Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pflueger Fishing Reel

Above, from an empty box that came with some stuff I picked up.  Another company with a bulldog trademark!

The 1893-L reel was introduced in 1935, and continued in production for twenty years.

According to Pflueger's website:

Since 1881 the Pflueger name has been part of the fishing industry when Ernest F. Pflueger founded a fish hook company called the Enterprise Manufacturing Company. When his son Earnest A. Pflueger took over the family business and founded the E.A. Pflueger Company, he expanded the company from a hook manufacturer to all aspects of fishing tackle & gear. In 1916 the first Pflueger Baitcast reel was manufactured in Akron, Ohio, and became a benchmark of the fishing reel industry. 

For more information, read Getting Pflueger History Wrong.   A warning not to believe everything a company claims about its own history.

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Can't get support for reels once you purchase. No availability of parts, accessories.