Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Air Mail Paper

There was a time when people bought this very thin paper to send mail by air delivery.  The pad came with a lined piece of heavier paper that you would put behind the airmail paper when writing to help to keep your inked words properly spaced.

I see that you can still buy such paper, but I'd expect it's mostly been supplanted by email.  Anyway, I liked the graphic used by National Paper Goods of Hamilton, which was founded in 1912.   The company eventually bought the Superior Envelope Company of Winnipeg, Manitoba, which had been founded in 1956.  In 2007, when it was positioned as the second largest envelope manufacturer in Canada, it was acquired by the SupremeX Income Fund of Québec, Canada's only national manufacturer of envelopes.

Below, the sticker that you used to get at Canada Post outlets to put on air mail letters.

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