Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ultra Manufacturing Company, Allway-Master hacksaw

John E. Davey was awarded U.S. patents 2137800 in 1938 and 2149241 in 1939.  Both were assigned to Rose Gringer, the wife of Louis Gringer.
Still located in the Bronx but today known as Allway Tools, Inc.:

Founded in 1935 by Louis Gringer, father of Chairman Donald Gringer, Allway started with a concept for a pistol grip hacksaw purchased from a customer in lieu of payment of his account at the family hardware store in New York. As the son tells it, his father then designed a four-way keyhole saw, called the All-Way Handy Saw because the blade locked in four different positions. The name was so closely associated with the company that it was eventually adopted, although the company was originally known as the Ultra Mfg. Co.
Louis Gringer passed away in 1964, at which point his company had already become the Allway Manufacturing Company. 

You have to wonder how much money John Davey owed on his account at the hardware store, and whether he ever came to regret the deal he made to pay it off.


CNC fit said...

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Anonymous said...

The patent number on my handle is earlier I assume. It's No. 2017895. The other side of the handle says"ALLWAY SAW", and under that is says "ULTRA MFG. CO.N.Y.C." It's amazing that you can still buy blades to fit.