Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Urich's best spoke wrench

Is this really the best he could do?

Anyway, it was a product of the B. Urich Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which seems to have specialized in bicycle tools.

You can see a photo of his shop at Milwaukee Historic Photos.

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William Seagraves said...

It is nice to have found this image. I cut my teeth straightening bicycle rims using a spoke wrench like this one. I'm talking about almost 50 years of repairing my own bikes, and those of others. I have one of theses spoke wrenches someplace and have to find it, or buy another one. This spoke wrench is very comfortable to use, and has a gradual taper where it grips the spoke nipple, such that it is universal, and will fit all size spoke nipples. I will be putting some time in this week straightening some rims for my daughters' bike. I will have to stop to check my car tools box for the Urichs' Best Spoke wrench. My dad bought it in the sixties to fix our bikes. I miss Dad so much.