Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nylint steel toys, 1974

Better Homes and Gardens 1974.  Christmas Ideas.

With funding provided by his uncle, David Nyberg, Bernard Klint founded this company in Rockford, Illinois in 1937.  The name is a combination of the principle's surnames, Nyberg & Klint. After World War II (during which the company made anti-aircraft gun magazines and components for torpedos) the company applied its metal stamping facilities to the production of metal toys, starting with the "Amazing Car", a wind-up based on the Chrysler Airflow. 

In 1951, the company turned to the production of high quality toys based on real heavy construction machines.  Their toy themes changed many times over the following decades but declining sales at the end of the last century finally led to a bankruptcy declaration in January 2001.  The company and its assets were purchased by the Funrise Toy Corporation of California, ending production.  At least it outlasted its main competitor, Tonka Toys, which had fallen prey to Hasbro a decade earlier.

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