Sunday, March 27, 2016

Stickleback drill router & Beaver Speed Saw drill bits

These German-made "Stickleback" drill files turn up from time to time in my neck of the woods.  

Popular Science, November 1956

August 1958

The same kind of drill was also offered by other manufacturers, like the Beaver Speed Saw drill bits advertised below (and which, unlike the Stickleback offerings, could be used on metal).
The Family Handyman, May 1955

The Beaver Drill & Tool Company was founded in Kansas City 60 years ago, and is still around today as a family-run industrial distributor.


Jeson Devid said...

The caliber of collection that you are providing is but marvelous.

CNC Fit said...

I had a drill rod completely snap a couple of months ago, and I still haven't gotten it fixed. I'm glad that you provided so much information on the different parts and core pieces.

Habeel Khan said...

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