Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last pair of Blundstones

I've worn and enjoyed Blundstone boots for many years, tough, easy to pull on and comfortable from the first time they were pulled on. This pair was different.  These ones, from new were uncomfortable, they never seemed to break in,  I wore them walking out and about, sometimes causing so much discomfort, I'd take them off to make it home. I couldn't throw them out- they're not cheap- and it took a number of kickstart sessions with a reluctant large bore motorcycle to sufficiently ruin them that they finally were wearable, but as the instep was now damaged- only on dry days.
 Then later I discovered that these would have coincided with about the time production moved from Australia to some third world country. So they weren't Blundstones, they merely looked like Blundstones.
 Anyways, nowadays the advertising is big on the relationship with Tasmania- where they used to be made- and you have to look closely to find the true country of origin. Oh, and now that they're benefitting from reduced costs from cheap third world labour, you think the price has gone down? You can keep them.

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