Thursday, April 20, 2017

We used to make things in this country # 257 Cockshutt Plow Company

This beauty was for sale along the road near Windsor Ontario, I believe it's a 1964 model. The Cockshutt Company, based in Brantford, Ontario started building making ploughs in 1877, becoming a full line implement manufacturer in 1910 with the purchase of the Adams wagon company, Brantford Carriage company and a share of Frost and Wood. Known for a high quality product, by the 1920s the company was a leader in the implement business. Although Cockshutt distributed various other manufacturers tractors in the thirties they did not produce their own tractor until after WW2. In 1945 the Model 30 was introduced, the first tractor built in Canada. It featured the first live PTO, a device which continues to power the implement even when the clutch was depressed.
 In 1958, the company hired industrial designer Raymond Loewy to restyle the tractor line, Loewy did away with the smooth rounded streamlined shapes, changing to a bold squared-off modern look. 
 In a hostile takeover, American farm machinery company Oliver acquired the company in 1962 and promptly discontinued manufacture of tractors in Canada, choosing rather to sell Oliver tractors painted and branded as Cockshutts. Although the tractor above is apparently one of these, it has a serial number tag that indicates it was made in Brantford. I'm sure someone will sort that apparent discrepancy for me. 
Full company history here.

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