Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tracking icebergs

Larry Milberry, Aviation in Canada, McGraw-Hill Ryerson 1979
Ever since the Titanic disaster, the US coast guard has been tracking icebergs for the safety of navigation, the job got a lot easier with the advent of reliable airplanes. During WW2 the area west of Greenland and off the BC coast was assigned to the Canadian Meteorological Service. Until 1959 Lancasters were used, flying from Comox and Rockcliffe. Douglas DC4s, owned by Kenting Aviation replaced the Lancasters- including this one with added observational capacity. The canopy above the pilots area is from a F86 Sabre. Kenting also had the contract to photograph and map Canada's arctic using war surplus B17s for the job
In 1972 the DC4s were replaced by Lockheed Electras flown by Nordair.

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