Monday, November 16, 2015

Hi-Q, How's yours?

I recently rediscovered this childhood game and remember it giving hours of entertainment (as they say). How it survived intact to this day is a mystery to me. 
The game was introduced by Tryne Specialties of Sayville NY in the postwar period with a double version in 1954. This example was licensed to International Games of Canada of New Toronto, whether they imported or manufactured it, I do not know. 
The object is to move pieces horizontally or vertically, every move has to be a jump, with the jumped pieces removed, till no more moves are possible. 
Seems it could have a future as a phone app!


Steve said...

This brought back back memories of the Chinese checkers game that I had as a kid. Basically the same concept as this, but in a 6-sided star layout. If I recall correctly, it was a dimpled sheet metal game board and it used marbles rather than pegs, so you could use the marbles to play other games as well.

Mister G said...

And multiplayer as well I believe. Looking on ebay, they did a "master" version of this game, with two boards, the idea being the removed pieces being put in place on board number two, ready for the other player to start immediately.
Board games seem to be enjoying a resurgence, with "Boardgame Cafes" popping up all over. Nice to see.