Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mason Bogie locomotives in Canada

Canada Atlantic Railroad #8, built in 1877 ,was reputedly the only standard gauge Mason Bogie locomotive in Canada.  It was later renumbered to 724, finally as Grand Trunk #1312 and scrapped before 1910. I found two other Canadian Mason Bogies belonging to the New Brunswick  Railroad and the Rivière-du-Loup railroadneither of which I can find any info on.

From the Mason Locomotive records the company had three Mason Bogies in 3' 6" gauge
Build number 487, 0-4-4, 3/11/73 Riviere du Loup #2 10x15 33" drivers.
Build number 509, 0-4-4, 8/22/73 Riviere du Loup #3 12x16 36" drivers.
Build number 510, 0-4-4, 8/27/73 Riviere du Loup #4 12x16 36" drivers


Unknown said...

For more information on the I suggest that you refer to the other roads, I suggest you check out the Pacific Narrow Coast Gauge site's Mason Machine Works page. (

In particular, the "Mason Locomotive Builder List" provides some basic info on them.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the contribution, the Pacific Narrow Gauge site is worth a look.