Friday, November 6, 2015

Vice-Admiral Sankichi Takahashi on board Yamashiro, 1934

Anthony J. Watts.  Japanese Warships of World War II.  Doubleday & Co Inc., 1967.
The Yamashiro was sunk by torpedoes at the Battle of Surigao Straight, October 25, 1944.

Takahashi seems to have been Japan's Billy Mitchell. According to Wikipedia:

In November 1934, Takahashi was appointed commander of the Combined Fleet and held this command for two years. Contrary to the battleship mentality of the old-school admirals, he spoke in favor of increasing aircraft carrier arm of the Fleet; his opinion was rejected by both General Staff and the Navy Ministry and ultimately cost him his career; he was cut off from any further information on the Navy's future.

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