Saturday, November 28, 2015

Wesco oilcans (A.E. Westwood Ltd., Birmingham, England)

Above, Wesco oilcans in my shop.  Traditionally, they were red, but at some point the company changed the colour to blue.

A.E. Westwood Ltd was founded in 1928.  By 1937, the company was offering 22 different models of oil can. Today it is part of the SJ Group in Alcester, Warwickshire, roughly 20 miles south of the original location on Mosley Street in Hall Green (which is now an auto mechanics shop). Instead of metal, the oil cans are now made of high density polythene with nylon pumps.  It's refreshing to find an old established British tool maker that is still in business.

Motorcycling, 1966

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Anonymous said...

I have a small vintage wesco oil can which has a continous brass tube houing the spring and a washer in the cap. The washer has perished and the brass tube is disconnected.Is this tube soldered the cap and are replacement washer available. I would not consider trying to mend this product if it was not sentimental value.