Thursday, January 4, 2018

Vanished Tool Brands: Challenger, Cleveland, Ohio

I've only unearthed a small hand full of these tools over the years.

The Penens Corporation produced tools for the "Challenger" brand at Schiller Park, Illinois, at least up until the early 1960s.  At some point, production moved to Cleveland. The Canadian side of the operation, Proto Tools of Canada, operated out of London, Ontario. 

May 1959

October 1959

Proto eventually became part of the mighty Stanley Black & Decker empire.  Below, my pair of Stanley Challenger pliers:

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Anonymous said...

So Challenger was around separate of Proto/Plomb? Interesting, I have a few combination wrenches, a 1/4" ratchet that say by Proto. Like Bluepoint by Snap-On. Good tools, I have a pretty good set of sockets and wrenches, 1/4 to 3/4 drive. Nothing really matches, it all old quality stuff, also Wright, S-K, Hazet, Williams etc.