Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Magnatrac DIY Bulldozer

Rodale's New Shelter, June 1985

The Family Handyman, October 1986.

Popular Science, 1977
Popular Science, April 1981

(If the All-Gear Magnatrac was advertised in 1977, how could it be "new" in 1981?  Just asking.)

Rodale's New Shelter, April 1985

Family Handyman, April 1985

Rodale's New Shelter, June 1985
Struck still offers the Magnatrac.  As Struck-Kit they now also offer the Mini-Beep Amphibious Ort.  Seriously, I'm not making this up.  

Dahlco Corp also offered a very  similar product.  Curiously, they were also out of Cedarburg, Wisconsin.  Coincidence?

Popular Science, April 1981

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