Friday, January 31, 2014

Rollie Free's "Eggshell" Vincent 1951

Popular Mechanics, February 1951

I can't find any evidence online that Rollie Free actually attempted a land speed record with this configuration.


Unknown said...

I think I Like the "eggshell" configuration even better than the "Bathing-Suit Bike"! Well they've found the bike some years back, but what's happened with his dustbin/slipstream bodywork? Gotta be PRICELESS if it still exists at all - and to whip up a batch of replicas? WOW just think of this piece still sitting around - Maybe it's still in the attic where they found the rest of the bike?

Mister G said...

Good question! Apparently it was not very successful and then was damaged so it may have just been thrown out. I found some more pictures in Jerry Hatfield's book on Rollie Free, Flat Out! and made a new post.